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Manu Temple


Manu temple is said to be the only temple of Manu in India, who is believed to be the creator of human race. This Pagoda style of structure offers quite a glimpse into history, spirituality as well as a fascinating style of architecture.

Also find here a breathtaking view surrounded by mountains and valleys, only making the simple and modest trek to the temple more enjoyable.

Being one of the most enjoyed hill stations in Northern India, Manali remains greatly populated with Indian as well as Foreign tourists for most parts of the year. Apart from satiating adventure seekers, Manali offers solace to those who remain inclined towards fulfilling their spiritual quest.

There are several temples of great historical importance in Manali, one such temple being Manu Temple. The Manu temple is dedicated to an Indian Sage named Manu, who is sought to be the progenitor of mankind according to Hindu Mythology.

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